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At 300 Km from Fortaleza, this is the perfect place to spend the relaxing holidays you always dreamed of. With its incredible natural beauties and sunshine all year long, Jericoacoara – or simply Jeri – with its warm rustic environment, dunes, sea, lagoons and mangroves. Perfect destination for who loves kitesurfing and windsurfing, because of the strong unwavering wind. Barefoot, as shoes do not match with its unpaved sandy roads. You can find delicious restaurants, parties and shop for handcrafts. The main attraction are the famous Pedra Furada and Sunset Dune, where the sight of the sun disappearing in the sea with the remarkable scenery of the beach all around is quite breathtaking.

You can visit Jeri at anytime of the year, as the average temperature varies between 35°C in summer 22°C in winter. The rain season goes from January to June, when the rain feeds the beautiful lagoons. In August, the wind gets stronger, which is ideal for sailing.

wonder of nature



Impossible to set foot in Jericoacoara and not know the lakes of the region. The Tatajuba lagoon has calm waters and ideal for swimming. The Jijoca Lagoon is divided into two: Blue Lagoon and Paradise lagoon. The first has sandbanks and clear water. The Paradise Lagoon has more beautiful coloring of the region and the hammocks are assembled into the water to rest. The Heart Lagoon is small and little known. An invitation to silence and contemplation.



Sunset Dune

This dune is quite big and very crowded in the late afternoon, located just off the Jeri village. Here you can see the sun setting in the sea, very beautiful sight. Many people also take the opportunity to go down the dune practicing sandboarding (sport that slides from the top of a dune on a surfboard, doing stunts).


Jericoacoara beach is the nearest to the village and  with easiest access. At low tide has calm waters and good infrastructure with bars and restaurants. The Malhada beach receives surfers and is on the way to the Holed Stone. Already Preá beach  has very strong winds, so often sought after by kite surfers.

Postcard of Jeri, the stone has a slit in the middle, and at low tide the best time to get to her. When walking by the beach, you'll see along the way caves and rock pools. If the tide is high, walk through the Serrote, high hill that allows the view from the top of stone.


Holed Stone

Mangue Seco e


The tour includes several attractions of the village's outskirts. Know a natural breeding ground for seahorses in Mangue Seco and to take a ferry, past the Old Tatajuba, village swallowed up by the sand. Then in New Tatajuba, make a stop for lunch in the lagoon, with calm waters.

Barrinha is nearby Preá Beach and that is s where the kite surfers can enjoy the well-known downwind. The village is also known for a fondness for quads, as abound immense dunes and beautiful scenery . It is possible to make an ecological walk from Preá to Barrinha riding along beach.

Not to miss is a fantastic but very cheap lunch with lobsters and seafood!










Praia da Barrinha

Jeri horseback

This is a good idea for a walk on the beach or experience the beauty of Jeri horseback.
Two walks very sought by tourists are the promenade leading to the Holed Stone and which takes tourists through the sand from the beach to the lakes ..
Large stretches of white sand, exceptional views of the coastline, dunes and palm trees of the national park give you a great feeling of freedom and pleasure!

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