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sea, sun and wind

The best time to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing is from July to January.
The area reserved for windsurfing is in front of Jericoacoara village, on the main beach. To practice Kitesurfing, the place closest to the village, it is soon after the sunset dune. Other places to practice Kitesurfing are the beach of Guriu, 6 km from Jericoacoara to Tatajuba Lagoon and Vila Prea about 12 km from Jericoacoara, in this case, we can provide different transfer options. If needed, at Janela da Cor, we can give tips, book courses, storage and equipment rental.


Jericoacoara stands out when it comes to kite surfing, sea and perfect winds for practicing esporte. Jericoacoara is ideal because it has currents and winds "side on shore", kilometers of sandy beach without obstacles. The biggest waves reach up to one meter in Jeri. At low tide the water conditions are more "flat".
For the more experienced who also like to vary, we offer Kite safáris from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara and kite-trips here in Jeri, taking advantage of the beautiful state beaches, small fishing villages and downwinders wonderful!





Jericoacoara is the best of Ceará windsurfing point, and perhaps Brazil. Fortaleza is already known to be a place of strong wind, because it receives the trade (trade winds) blowing from the African continent, but Jericoacoara really stands out. One factor that helps explain this fact is the geographic location of Jericoacoara. While the Ceará coast has a SE-NW direction in most of its coastline in Jericoacoara area, the coast is parallel to the equator, in the sense EW, and parallel also the direction of the trade, which then "pass" for Jericoacoara with all strength, because they find the natural barrier formed by the continent in other stretches of coastline.
THE WIND - the wind blows constantly all year in Jericoacoara, having no time of year that you can not sail. The strongest time is however the second half, with the peak months of August and September. On most days the wind in Jericoacoara is average of 20 knots, gusting to 30.

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